Ch Herding Instinct's Friija Fantasia


Herding Instinct's Friija Fantasia

Friija 2 år

Friija 2 år

Born 13/1-2009 Sir: SE UCH NO UCH Mosco's Jaro Dame: MultiCh MultiW Herding Instinct's Dynamiska Daima

B/C hips, 0/0 Elbows, PRCD PRA Normal, Pompes Normal

Passed charactertest ( Genomförd mentalbeskrivning)

Friija is our active wonderful Daima doughter.  She love to play, run and retrieve toys. She has strong bone, and moves with really nice movements. She talks a lot ( not just bark) but a lot of other sounds, just like the others in our first bitchline. We have bred and owned her mum ( Herding Instinct's Daima), her grandmum ( Herding Instinct's Adina) and her owned her grand grand mum Kristallens Hilva and I can se a lot of those past girls in her, but maybe most Adina <3

We lost our beloved girl just too early oct 11 2014. She was a happy gilr and was best bitch 2 in hard competition at the breedspecialityshow. Some houers later she was sick and not her self and  we went to a vet. They found out that her heart was enlarged, really big :( and that her lungs looked cloudyo <3<3<3 It is so empty without you Friija 5,5 years old is just too early. You had so much left to achive in your life. I am forever thankfull that I had the opportunity to share my life with you <3

What is most hard was that it was not cancer in her lungs as we first thought, it was french lungworm.  But still she is gone and we will never get our lovely girl back.