Herding Instinct's Anakin Skywalker

Herding Instinct's Anakin Skywalker


Sir: Ch Paukapää Vempula Dame: Girongårdens Pärlan. Born 30/5-2008

A/A hips ( HD index jan 2016: 127) , 0/0 Elbows, Eyes clear 2010,2012,2014. Prcd PRA Normal, Pompes Normal

Knubbe is one of the most friendly dogs I have met. He like males as females, plays with puppies, know just what to do when he meet scared or angry dogs. Friendly with other animals. And best of all his kids is just the same from what I have heard.

He has produced so many lovely offsprings and we are so proud of our Knubbe. Best dog ever! Yes he is, he is so easy to live with and always with  a happy smile. We love you Knubbe.